03 XLT transmission or transfer case? Both?

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03 XLT transmission or transfer case? Both?

Postby 03_4x4 - December 21st, 2016, 9:01 am

Ok, I have a 2003 ford escape xlt. I recently got stuck in some pretty nasty mud and tried my hardest to get out of it, but I should had called someone in the first place to come pull me out so I wouldn't be in this bind. Ok, either the Transmission or Transfer case has went out. Or I broke my linkage? When I got it out of the mud, it would stop and go. Like when you would let off of the accelerator, it would feel like you would slam on the brakes really hard. It has no reverse, well it did at first, but it stopped working shortly after. This is also a high mileage escape, 220,000 miles. Also what should I look for when purchasing a new-to-me transmission or transfer case? I plan on buying new CV axles as well. Another note, when we were trying to get it out of the mud, we slammed it pretty hard back-n-forth from drive to reverse. We don't have limited slip in these escapes do we? because I only had three tires spinning when were in the mud but we were also at an angle. And yeah, I know this wasn't a good idea and I sound like an ignorant dumb***!! But I have a 00 v6 stang that i'm planning to do a motor swap in(well not until this summer) so I need a vehicle in the meanwhile, So please help me out!
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