2010 Escape Issues

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2010 Escape Issues

Postby lewis1253 - April 21st, 2017, 12:37 pm


I have a 2010 XLT FF.

1) When turning left or right, but pronounced more when turning left from speeds <10mph, there is a noticeable squeal. I cannot isolate it to one part of the vehicle. Any thoughts on this?

2) The passenger side mirror vibrates heavily at higher speeds, does anyone have any similar experience and a solution?

3) At speeds around 50+, there is a whirring sound coming from the back right of the vehicle that increases in volume with the speed. Wondering if it is a wheel bearing? Any experience with this?

4) Finally, the obvious rusting in the rear wheel wells - anyone have any good fixes?

I need to replace sway bar links as well, but that's an issue that's easily resolved.


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Re: 2010 Escape Issues

Postby EscapedFromMA - April 21st, 2017, 3:48 pm

1) I would look for a surface that is being rubbed by the inner edge of a front tire when you turn. Look for obvious rub marks, shiny spots, worn tire tread, etc.

2) That's a new one for me. Might the integrity of the mirror mounting be compromised? Like perhaps there is something loose or broken inside the mirror housing?

3) Could be a bearing. Could even be a bearing on the opposite side. I'd say jack it up and see if you get movement when you try to wiggle the wheels by hand. May even be low rear differatial fluid...had that happen on two Explorers of mine in the '02-05 range, and an older Bronco. Very distinct whine over 60MPH or so.

4) I don't have a remedy for you, I just treat mine (whether they appear to need it or not) every summer. Sand down the inner and lower portions of the panels, put down two layers of Rustoleum primer, and a few layers of Rustoleum paint...I am lucky that my E is Tuxedo Black, so black spray paint in less-visible areas works just fine. I bought the vehicle when it was 2 years old and after one winter it had tiny bits of rust down there, but nothing since the first time I treated it. I re-coat it every year just to be sure. Why not, it's cheap insurance against a bigger future problem, takes only one warm afternoon, perhaps a couple dollars of materials, and an hour of labor.
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