5 Yr Report Card

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5 Yr Report Card

Postby raysfan - December 31st, 2016, 8:45 pm

Five years and one day ago, I drove my 2012 Escape 3.0L 2 wheel drive Escape off the lot with 4 miles on the odometer.

Before I get into the grading, here is a little narrative of some of the decisions I struggle with when getting that new vehicle. First, I was pondering if I should get an Explorer or a Lexus SUV. I am so glad I chose the Escape. With the seats down, there is so much room in the back. While not as deep as the Explorer, it is actually taller back there. As for the Lexus, it is taller and without that curved in tailgate, there is more usable height. Oh and of course PRICE!

Once I decided on the Escape, I was really torn between the 6 cylinder and the 4 cylinder. At the time, gas was expensive and there was talk of 5+ dollars per gallon. I calculated the potential extra fuel cost and since I was buying a vehicle much less expensive that the Lexus or Explorer, I figured what the heck, get the 6 cylinder that I want. By chance that was a great decision since, as we all know, gas got super cheap. The last decision was Front Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive. Since, I live in an urban area + in Florida where it never snows, I went with FWD. In the past 5 years, I never needed all-wheel drive so I lucked out on that one too.

Now for the grading. The Escape has been exceptional for me. I must admit that after five years, the honeymoon is over. I am waxing less frequently, vacuuming less frequently and stuff like that. I used to wax it every one or two months. Now, I am hitting droppings and spots with spray wax and only waxing like every three to four months.

This year, I only had to buy tires and I did one oil change. BUT, two weeks ago my 3rd favorite feature of the car (behind #1 Keyless Entry and #2 Sync Audio with 2,400 songs on my USB drive with Voice command) the hands free calling and text quit working. Sync will no longer pair with any phone. I did all the usual stuff (Master Reset, Disconnecting Battery). Following the Diagnostic steps in the Ford Service Manual, I have determined I need a new APIM (Accessory Protocol Interface Module). It is easy to get to and replace. It is under the center console. I haven’t priced one yet since been busy with the holidays. BUT, special equipment is needed to pull the software off the old one and access to Ford OASIS system is also needed. Fortunately, I am really good at walking to the back of the Ford Shop and hunting down a tech who will do it for me as a side job for $20 or so. It is best to do this near closing time. Anyway, I will let everyone know how I make out with that.

The cowl trim where it meets the windshield at the passenger side has ‘curled up’ away from the glass. I will fix that this weekend either with glue or heat gun or both. The roof drip rail molding on the passenger side at the front has come unglued from the roof and sticks up. I will also fix that this weekend.

Around thanksgiving, I developed 2 interior rattles that are driving me nuts. One near pass door and the other at the driver’s side under the dash. Hope to get to those soon.

This is the one that scares me. Just about 10 days ago, soon after the phone/text quit working, I got a loud creak from the front end on throttle tip in. Have no idea what that is yet. I may let the dealer fool around with that.

So for 4 years and 10 months the Escape has been nearly flawless. Even with the recent events, at the five year mark, this is exceptional reliability. Keep in mind; I am pretty picky so I am not just overlooking things. It has been a great ride. Thanks to the cars low initial cost and the fact that it has been paid off for one year, having to spend a little bit on repairs at this point is no problem.

So, for the 5th Consecutive year, the Escape gets an A+.

4 Yr Report Card
Postby raysfan - January 1st, 2016, 11:11 am
Four years and two days ago, I drove my 2012 Escape 3.0L 2 wheel drive Escape off the lot with 4 miles on the odometer.
This past year I had to replace the battery. Also, I had to replace the steering wheel mounted voice/media buttons. I did one oil change. Spent $205 this year on maintenance & repairs ($115 for Motorcraft battery, $70 for Ford switch and $20 for Motorcraft filter & synthetic blend oil).

So, for the 4th consecutive year, the Escape gets an A+.

I am having one minor cosmetic issue come up. I have body color door handles (white). The paint on the inside of the driver's front exterior door pull handle has worn through to the black plastic. Since that surface faces the car, it is not very noticeable. However, it is still gradually getting worse. Will have to replace it soon to keep that new car appearance.

3 Yr Report Card
Postby raysfan - December 30th, 2014, 6:37 pm
Three years ago to this very day, I drove my new 2012 Escape off the lot with just 4 miles on the odometer. I have not had one problem with the vehicle. I have not been back to the dealer ever. I have to give this vehicle an A+.

However, my 3 year bumper to bumper warranty ends at midnight so I expect that by morning I will have a host of electrical, trim and other non-powertrain problems. Ha, just kidding.

I have done my own oil changes (4), tire rotations (2) and little things like one set of wipers, 1 new cabin & air filter and 1 battery service (remove, clean case, clean terminals, fill & charge). Except for gasoline, I have probably spent less than $200 on the car - even using expensive Motorcraft parts.
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Re: 5 Yr Report Card

Postby Charles - January 1st, 2017, 10:10 am

Nice writeup!!! :thumb:

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Re: 5 Yr Report Card

Postby Escape94 - January 1st, 2017, 12:42 pm

Glad you are still content with your vehicle :thumb:

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