How To: 2005-2008 Engine Swap 2.3L to 2.0L

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Re: How To: 2005-2008 Engine Swap 2.3L to 2.0L

Postby Stangc427 - November 12th, 2015, 3:03 pm

escape05xls wrote:
Stangc427 wrote:Hi I'm new to the forum and looking for a little help. I love your write up and Im neck deep in the same repair.

Everything went smooth until the wrist pins walked out of the bores and destroyed the block on my fresh rebuild. Machine shop (who was very reputeable mind you) threw up there hands and offered me a kind hearted Im sorry. All four Pins walked out in the same direction and gouged all four cylinders. This happened in less then 100 miles!

Anyway, Im back to square one and Escape blocks/motors are crazy expensive plus Im in for a lot of money in parts already. What all would it take to use a Fusion 2.3? You mentioned staying away from VVT versions but I think they all were. Does an intake came swap from my Escape cure it or would that entail and entire head swap, which Im not opposed to. I just need a quick and reasonable solution for a new bottom end. Hind sight being 20/20 I would have gone with a reman motor for $2500 and warranty. Thanks

Can you just find a used one from a wrecked escape/tribute/mar with no engine damage?

Anything I have found even with high miles for the Esc/Tri/Mar is $1500 or more. Ive tried 5 salvage yards local and there prices are the same. Craigslist was the same story. None of the salvage yards will sell me the block or shortblock only either. If I didnt have a whole pile of brand new 2.3 parts that I cant return I would go 2.0 swap in a heart beat. I would even buy an entire car for the right price and part it out minus the motor to get myself back to even.
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Re: How To: 2005-2008 Engine Swap 2.3L to 2.0L

Postby Sparki - April 28th, 2016, 12:30 am

Thanks for the great write up and technical info. I was ready to junk my 06' when the engine went south and I started looking at the prices of used engines , then I read about the possibility of doing a 2.0 swap and your article convinced me to go for it. Well so far so good and albeit time consuming no real hang ups until now. Hopefully you can shed some light on this for me. I literally have everything removed and the engine is on the hoist and ready to lift out but I have 1 line that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to release. Its the line (not sure if it's fuel or vacuum related) but it goes from the side of the throttle body down around the end of the motor and back to the firewall where it attaches to some sort of manifold or valve. I see in your picture of your old motor removed it shows that particular line being the largest that is draped up across the valve cover. It appears that you must have removed it from the Firewall end. I am stumped as to what it takes to free this line from that point, it doesn't appear to be a normal slide lock type of fuel or A/C line release....any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance ....
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Re: How To: 2005-2008 Engine Swap 2.3L to 2.0L

Postby Lisa05062 - August 31st, 2016, 1:01 am

I have a 2008 ford escape with the 2.3 motor in. We bought a used engine, which was suppose to be out of a escape. After we got it installed. We found out it is out of a fusion. Is there anyway we can make this engine work? I am not sure if its the vvt motor or not. I wasnt sure if we changed the heads around if that would work? The engine runs well, but there is a light on for the camshaft sensor. Si it will not pass emisions. Thank you.
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Re: How To: 2005-2008 Engine Swap 2.3L to 2.0L

Postby hermosillo007 - January 2nd, 2017, 1:56 pm

I'm new here in the Forum, and I looking for some help.
I have a Tribute 2008 with bad 2.3l engine, since I read your swap in Your Escape, I like the idea to swap in my Tribute.
Any advice about the best year in a 2.0l engine that fits the 2008 Tribute 2.3l I have?

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Re: How To: 2005-2008 Engine Swap 2.3L to 2.0L

Postby ifixthings - April 16th, 2017, 1:18 am

Be better off with a 2.5 swap instead. We do this a lot on the Mazdas. In fact we do it so much that I developed and sell an installation kit for them.
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